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Adult Scatter Tubes

Featuring a high-gloss finish, the scatter tubes can be specially-made to match a family’s bespoke picture coffin design, and are also available in any of the wide range of designs.

Families often take time to decide where to scatter cremated remains, having a personalised scatter tube featuring the same images as those on the picture coffin provides a much nicer way to keep them safe, until the family is ready to make a decision. The scatter tubes are available in three sizes – adult and child, as well as a smaller keepsake size – and these can be ordered direct by funeral directors from Colourful Coffins®, with a 48-hour delivery.


Mary's Garden   Blushing Rose   Bed of Roses   Field of Daffodils   Pink Blossom
Mary's Garden
Ref: SC875
  Blushing Rose
Ref: SC820
  Bed of Roses
Ref: SC867
  Field of Daffodils
Ref: SC290
  Pink Blossom
Ref: SC967
Lily Garland   Dancing Free   Poppy Vision   Bluebell and Orchid   Lavender Flowers
Lily Garland
Ref: SC1115
  Dancing Free
Ref: SC620
  Poppy Vision
Ref: SC1054
  Bluebell & Orchid
Ref: SC968
  Lavender Flowers
Ref: SC310
Bluebell Blanket   Bluebell Wood   Lily of the Valley   Field of Memories    
Bluebell Blanket
Ref: SC846
  Bluebell Wood
Ref: SC237
  Lily of the Valley
Ref: SC621
  Field of Memories
Ref: SC853

More Designs

Spitfire   Remember   Kingfisher   Dolphin   Rainbow Fluffy Blue
Ref: SC1320
Ref: SC102
Ref: SC103
Ref: SC1322
Fluffy Blue

Ref: SC105
Fishing   Flower  & Butterfly   Fish Tank   Sunset   Can Of Beer
Ref: SC1318
& Butterfly

Ref: SC1321
  Fish Tank
Ref: SC550
Ref: SC118
  Can Of Beer
Ref: SC1319
Solar System   Preston NE   Splendid Beauty   England   St Andrews
Solar System
Ref: SC890
  Preston NE
Ref: SC112
  Splendid Beauty
Ref: SC113
Ref: SC245
  St Andrews
Ref: SC115
Welsh Dragon   Fairy Garden   Cottage Garden   Leopard Print   Can't see a

Any of our 
coffin designs can
be adapted.
Or contact us
for a bespoke design
Welsh Dragon
Ref: SC116
  Fairy Garden
Ref: SC117
  Cottage Garden
Ref: SC118
  Leopard Print
Ref: SC119


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