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Animals and Pets

As a nation of animal lovers, we are often asked to include much-loved pets or favourite animals and birds in our designs.

Whether your loved one enjoyed a walk on the wild side, enjoyed birdwatching or horse-racing, or had a special pet, we can incorporate that into our designs.

Coffins tested and approved by FFMA logo

These designs are suitable for the following coffin types:

WOOD  Green check mark  CLASSIC  Green check mark  CARDBOARD  Green check mark  CASKET  Green check mark  BIG AND BEAUTIFUL  Green check mark  AMERICAN STYLE  Green check mark

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New Bird Watching Range

Spring Time My Joy Powerful Friend
Spring Time
Ref: AB1335
My Joy
Ref: AB1336
Powerful Friend
Ref: AB1342
Bird Feeder Full Flight Birds of a Feather
Bird Feeder
Ref: AB1338
Full Flight
Ref: AB1341
Birds of a Feather
Ref: AB1337
I Spy Robin Redbreast  
I Spy
Ref: AB1340
Robin Redbreast
Ref: AB1339

More Animal and Pets Designs

Jungle Cats The Leopard Roaring Lions
Jungle Cats
Ref: AB143
The Leopard
Ref: AB836
Roaring Lions
Ref: AB1132
British Birds on Sky Snowy Robin Wild Horses
British Birds on Sky
Ref: AB379B
Snowy Robin
Ref: AB775
Wild Horses
Ref: AB260
My Passion Walkies Nap Time
My Passion
Ref: AB996
Ref: AB1070
Nap Time
Ref: AB1082
My Best Friend African Sunset Pink with Butterflies
My Best Friend
Ref: AB1128
African Sunset
Ref: AB146
Pink with Butterflies
Ref: AB256
Fluttering Beauty Butterfly Garden Dragonflies
Fluttering Beauty
Ref: AB1095
Butterfly Garden
Ref: AB1112
Ref: AB1121
Dolphins Love and Others Purr-fect Daisy
Ref: AB126
Love and Others
Ref: AB754
Purr-fect Daisy
Ref: AB962
The Pack Woodland Foxes Click here for the full Animals and Pets range
The Pack
Ref: AB1083
Woodland Foxes
Ref: AB1125


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