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Artistic and Bespoke

Capture the essence and personality of your loved one with a very special bespoke design

From a love of the theatre to gourmet meals, high fashion to sporting heroes, our team will work with you to capture your ideas and ensure the perfect send off.

Coffins tested and approved by FFMA logo

These designs are suitable for the following coffin types:

WOOD  Green check mark  CLASSIC  Green check mark  CARDBOARD  Green check mark  CASKET  Green check mark  BIG AND BEAUTIFUL  Green check mark  AMERICAN STYLE  Green check mark

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New Romantic Range

Roses Are Red My Love I'll be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places I'll Be Seeing You In Apple Blossom Time
Roses Are Red My Love
Ref: AB1365
I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places
Ref: AB1368
I'll Be Seeing You In Apple Blossom Time
Ref: AB1364
Tulips From Amsterdam Rambling Rose Daisy Daisy
Tulips From Amsterdam
Ref: AB1366
Rambling Rose
Ref: AB1367
Daisy Daisy
Ref: AB1369
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White I Never Promised You A Rose Garden  
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
Ref: AB1370
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Ref: AB1371

Impressions Range

Love Cruising Ben Action Stations
Love Cruising
Ref: AB1356
Ref: AB1362
Action Stations
Ref: AB1361
Heirlooms Steaming Ahead Scarlet
Ref: AB1355
Steaming Ahead
Ref: AB1358
Ref: AB1357
Sweet Orange Fans Passion  
Sweet Orange
Ref: AB1359
Fans Passion
Ref: AB1360

Video Games Range

Alien Invaders Red Planet Gamesmaster
Alien Invaders
Ref: AB1280
Red Planet
Ref: AB1293
Ref: AB1299
Super Chimp 8-Bit Adventure Galactic Girl
Super Chimp
Ref: AB1297
8-Bit Adventure
Ref: AB1295
Galactic Girl
Ref: AB1298
Dragonquest Catstronauts Space Battle
Ref: AB1296
Ref: AB1294
Space Battle
Ref: AB1300
Star Crossed    
Star Crossed
Ref: AB1301

Board Games Range

Snakes and Ladders Double Six Straight Flush
Snakes and Ladders
Ref: AB1254
Double Six
Ref: AB1257
Straight Flush
Ref: AB1261
Solitaire Marble Madness Winning Word
Ref: AB1260
Marble Madness
Ref: AB1258
Winning Word
Ref: AB1257
Grandmaster Crib  
Ref: AB1256
Ref: AB1255

More Artistic and Bespoke Designs

Rough Wood Crystal Butterfly Flying Blocks
Rough Wood
Ref: AB1141
Crystal Butterfly
Ref: AB1310
Flying Blocks
Ref: AB1131
Peas and Pods Terry Arter Wood Work
Peas and Pods
Ref: AB1136
Terry Arter
Ref: AB216
Wood Work
Ref: AB786
Wolf Pack Kingfisher Frog Song
Wolf Pack
Ref: AB834
Ref: AB879
Frog Song
Ref: AB748
River Bed Fish Tank Leopard Skin
River Bed
Ref: AB1057
Fish Tank
Ref: AB550
Leopard Skin
Ref: AB144
Zebra Brick Wall Wigwams and Native Americans
Ref: AB145
Brick Wall
Ref: AB240
Wigwams and Native Americans
Ref: AB395A
Solar System Doreen The Glitterball
Solar System
Ref: AB890
Ref: AB744
The Glitterball
Ref: AB615
Tennessee Yummy Click here for the full Artistic and Bespoke range
Ref: AB945
Ref: AB907


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