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Music soothes the soul and at a time of grief special music has very special memories.

Our musical picture coffin designs speak volumes, so if the person you loved played an instrument or enjoyed a particular piece of music or a song, we can reflect that in a very special design. 

Coffins tested and approved by FFMA logo

These designs are suitable for the following coffin types:

WOOD  Green check mark  CLASSIC  Green check mark  CARDBOARD  Green check mark  CASKET  Green check mark  BIG AND BEAUTIFUL  Green check mark  AMERICAN STYLE  Green check mark

Read more about the coffin types by clicking here

Tunes White Musical Rock and Roll Red
Ref: AB613
White Musical
Ref: AB365
Rock and Roll Red
Ref: AB360
Rock and Roll Gold On the Road Speaker
Rock and Roll Gold
Ref: AB233
On the Road
Ref: AB632
Ref: AB446
Rock Fest Musical Notes Boom Box
Rock Fest
Ref: AB859
Musical Notes
Ref: AB353
Boom Box
Ref: AB941
Melody Harmonica Notes Party People
Ref: AB684
Harmonica Notes
Ref: AB762
Party People
Ref: AB856
Classical Notes Click here for the full Musical range  
Classical Notes
Ref: AB942


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