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Religious and Spiritual

We know that an individual’s faith or spiritual belief is extremely important to them and their family and choosing a picture coffin design which represents this, can bring great comfort.

Talk to our team who can help you choose the right design.

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These designs are suitable for the following coffin types:

WOOD  Green check mark  CLASSIC  Green check mark  CARDBOARD  Green check mark  CASKET  Green check mark  BIG AND BEAUTIFUL  Green check mark  AMERICAN STYLE  Green check mark

Read more about the coffin types by clicking here

New Angels and Fairies Range

Gabriel Celtic Dream Playful Cherubs
Ref: AB1265
Celtic Dream
Ref: AB1266
Playful Cherubs
Ref: AB1263
Butterfly Baby Angel By My Side Esme
Butterfly Baby
Ref: AB1264
Angel By My Side
Ref: AB1262
Ref: AB1267

More Spiritual Designs

Last Supper Rosary Jay's Angel
Last Supper
Ref: AB101
Ref: AB102
Jay's Angel
Ref: AB426
Pink Roses Heavenly Angel Last Supper 23 Psalm
Pink Roses
Ref: AB555
Heavenly Angel
Ref: AB603
Last Supper 23 Psalm
Ref: AB556
Calvary Sunset Click here for the full Spiritual range


Calvary Sunset
Ref: AB822


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