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Trains, planes and automobiles…whichever your loved one’s preferred method of transport we have a picture coffin to match.

So whether he or she enjoyed life on the open road, went trainspotting every weekend or loved flying round the world, you’ll find the perfect design right here.

Coffins tested and approved by FFMA logo

These designs are suitable for the following coffin types:

WOOD  Green check mark  CLASSIC  Green check mark  CARDBOARD  Green check mark  CASKET  Green check mark  BIG AND BEAUTIFUL  Green check mark  AMERICAN STYLE  Green check mark

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New Locomotive Range

Peaceful Journey The Viaduct Mountain Pass
Peaceful Journey
Ref: AB1253
The Viaduct
Ref: AB1252
Mountain Pass
Ref: AB1251
Go West Steam Age 00 Gauge
Go West
Ref: AB1250
Steam Age
Ref: AB1249
00 Gauge
Ref: AB1248
Waiting For You    
Waiting For You
Ref: AB1247



More Transport Designs


The Journey Great Western Railway Flying Scotsman
The Journey
Ref: AB112
Great Western Railway
Ref: AB415

Flying Scotsman
Ref: AB229

Easy Rider Pride and Joy Destination Unknown
Easy Rider
Ref: AB110
Pride and Joy
Ref: AB791
Destination Unknown
Ref: AB947
London Cab Fire Trucks Racing Moments
London Cab
Ref: AB905
Fire Trucks
Ref: AB1011
Racing Moments
Ref: AB602
Open Roads Camper Van Click here for the full Transport range
Open Roads
Ref: AB591
Camper Van
Ref: AB422


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