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Britains Flashiest Families


Noelie Goforth returns with her husband Robin for a second series of Britain's Flashiest Families where she is seen splashing the cash on the custom-made box


Noelie Goforth, 45, spares no expense when it comes to shopping for what she calls the "ultimate fashion accessory" - a custom-designed coffin.

The wealthy couple return for the second series of Channel 5 documentary Britain's Flashiest Families for a spot of boutique shopping.

Multi-millionaire Robin Goforth, 65, is happy to let his wife buy anything she likes: "I do like to spoil Noelie. That's what I work for isn't it? We all work to spoil our partners in life and she's ruined, totally ruined."

His partner adds: "I don’t make no bone about it I like to spend my husband’s money and why bloody not?"

Visiting Colourful Coffins in Oxford, Noelie, is seen climbing into several coffins to try them out for "comfort" before she sets her heart upon a white coffin which she wants made with a perspex lid.

Husband Robin happily looks on as his wife reels off a list of demands for her coffin and how she wishes her funeral procession to go.

She tells her bewildered husband she will "kick off" if her funeral guests don't throw white roses at her coffin and instead choose white carnations.

"I'd like a perspex roof. And a picture of Robyn and a couple of pictures of my dogs at the sides with a few crystals on the side, not too many I don’t want to look like a Marbella hooker," lists Noelie.

The happy pair make their purchase, and it's just one of many things they are seen snapping up throughout the documentary.

Unashamedly spending excessive amounts on holidays, designer handbags, shoes, surgery and a half a million pound wood on their already 95-acre estate - the couple are clear that they work hard and spend even harder.


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