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Memories of Africa and a touch of bonnie Scotland

Although Jean Dewar spent well over 50 years living in Africa, she never lost her Scottish roots, which is why, when she died in 2013 at the age of 83, her two sons chose a very special cremated remains casket to mark her passing.

They turned to Colourful Coffins for help in designing the casket, which was interred in a cemetery in Dunfermline, Fife, where their father’s casket had been buried several years previously.

“She never lost her Scottish accent and she still had family and friends in Scotland who, in her younger days, she enjoyed visiting. We felt it was only fitting that we should try to reflect her love of both continents with a very special design.”

Craig and his brother Maurice chose a favourite photograph, depicting the family in their younger days on a beach holiday in Durban to illustrate the top of the casket, while either side featured a group of four silhouetted elephants and either end had a trio of thistles.

“Colourful Coffins’ designers were really helpful in showing us the designs in progress and were happy for us to make little changes as we went along,” continued Craig. “The attention to detail was excellent, they even tied the thistles with a Dewar family tartan ribbon, which made it very special indeed.

“No-one, apart from ourselves and our aunts, had seen the casket until the day of the service and when we unwrapped it everyone thought it was absolutely beautiful. As we put the casket down, the sun shone through the clouds and gave us the perfect farewell for a very special lady.”