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We are delighted to be able to share the experiences of some of Colourful Coffins' customers below and are extremely grateful to each for allowing us to tell their stories.

If you would like to share your own experiences and tell the story of your Colourful Coffin then please contact us here.

Video Testimonials

Bespoke Coffin

"We would like to thank you for the bespoke Motor Bike coffin you created for our beloved Father and Pa as his Granddaughters called him. It was a very fitting tribute to him as he loved his Motor Bikes and when out and about he would always stop and chat to the owners. We had a Motor Cycle Hearse to compliment the coffin and you can imagine what a talking point; it looked absolutely amazing. As we were travelling along bystanders just stopped and looked.

It helped in a strange way to lift what was a very depressing day for us. Dad was certainly given a memorable send off which he thoroughly deserved."

Lynn and Family

Memorial Picture

“Thanks for all your hard work over the last few days, it truly has been a pleasure to work with you, an experience I would be happy to recommend to other families and funeral directors. Once again on behalf of myself and Joseph's Mummy and Daddy, thank you for all your help and your professionalism over the past few days. I know it has been a great comfort to them at this very difficult time.”

Sean and Family


Bespoke Coffin

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the efforts of your team in design, construction and delivery of Mason's coffin. Everybody loved the finished article. My business often involves the design of bespoke joinery and the results are never as well presented or rapidly produced as your products so I take my hat off to you all.”

Ben Connell

Cardboard Coffin

“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for your efforts to ensure that my father got the white cardboard coffin that he had requested. Our family were really impressed with your company's service from our first enquiry phone call. We were very pleased that you took the time and had the courtesy to replace the first coffin without fuss or hesitation.

It is a difficult time for families but it is made easier by sympathetic and professional services like yours. We would have no hesitation in recommending your cardboard coffins to anyone - both my brother and I have decided that we also want them at our own funerals!”

Becky Vipond

Ashes Casket

“I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with Alex's casket. It is absolutely fantastic and I will recommend (having already started) your service to everyone. It seems far more fitting to have something personal and individual than a plain brown box, especially when the person it is for, was vibrant and fun-loving. Many many thanks.”

Liz Tyson


"It’s with great pleasure that we would like to say that the Bread and Wine American Casket we ordered for our Mother was absolutely stunning, it took our breath away and it was admired by everyone, we lost count of how many people came to us to comment on the amazing beauty of it. The colours were out of this world, certainly it was incredibly beautiful, words really cannot do it enough justice. As we followed the hearse, people stopped along the pavements and stared at the casket, literally with their mouths open. It was very satisfying and we were immensely proud. It was so gratifying to be behind the hearse watching them.

We added a couple of extra touches as our Mother was a religious lady. If our Mother could see the casket she would have been so honoured and incredibly proud of what Colourful Coffins designed for her. Our Mother deserved the best and Colourful Coffins definitely came up trumps. In the church I personally could not take my eyes off it, it was incredibly the most stunning casket I have ever seen.

May I say that your brochure does not do your caskets any justice, as we had only seen the design on a coffin. We took a massive gamble on ordering it but that gamble most certainly paid off. Seeing it for the first time was an incredibly emotional experience, it was truly amazing. It brought tears to my eyes and a great relief to finally see the finished casket in its glory. I cannot emphasise enough how proud we felt.

Thank you so very much in making our Mother’s funeral a memorable occasion and an unforgettable experience.

Respectfully yours."

Sotera Damianou


"Hi, you recently produced a coffin for my aunt Polly Hope – a white and blue painted tile design. I saw it for the first time today and thought it looked absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for creating this for us! I think Polly would have loved it hugely.

Thanks again."


"My family and I wish to send our sincere thanks to you all for the wonderful narrowboat coffin that you made for my Dad, he would have loved it. Following the hearse on Dad’s final journey was made so much more bearable and during the service we felt that Dad was truly at peace in his own special place, rather than a sombre and anonymous coffin. I would also like to thank you for your patience and willingness to allow me to get the design just right."

Gill Reaney

"We thought the coffin looked lovely and it received lots of comments, and a few look son the drive to the crematorium, which my aunt would have loved."

Samantha Robinson

"The coffin and ashes box was absolutely the best. We feel so much better being able to send my father on his way with this colourful design. It kind of made it easier, and made us all feel that we had indeed celebrated the life of a wonderful person."

The Wilson family

"The coffin you designed for our Jessica was beautiful and it brightened up the day. It would have been exactly what Jessica would have chosen. So many people commented on how great the coffin looked and how unusual it was. Debbie, our funeral director, also told us you sent a ‘journey bear’ to be given to Jessica, which I thought was a lovely touch."

Mark Howarth

"Your coffins are very unique and certainly add colour and raise a smile to an otherwise sombre occasion."

John Brimlow

"On behalf of the family I would like to thank you, Scott and your team for the fabulous coffin which you made for our son Steve. He was a very creative person and we know he would have been absolutely in awe of what you created. There were lots of very admiring things said about it on the day by those attending, for whom it was, like us, the first time we had seen such a wonderful departure from ‘the norm’."

Robert and Mary Bailie

"A big thank you for all of your patience and understanding whilst designing my Dad’s coffin. Everybody at the funeral said it was amazing and exactly what Dad would have wanted."

Norman Beldom

"The coffin was a huge hit. Your work was a significant tribute to our son Daniel, there was sadness and there were tears; but also a great deal of joy."

Dave and Una Lawrence

"My son Steven died tragically on 4th June 2014……until 3 weeks ago I had no idea that Colourful Coffins existed.

With the help of his partner and his best friend we “designed” his coffin. Black with images of his beloved Silver Skyline over and around it. We were absolutely amazed when we saw the finished coffin. It was stunning. Steven’s family and friends were also stunned when they saw the coffin at the service. Like me they did not know coffins could be made to look like that and they said “it was just so Steven” and that we could not have chosen anything better for him.

I no longer think of Steven lying in a coffin… me he will now always be in his car.

Thank you so much to all your staff (and for liasing with Colin from Ashtons) for creating such a stunning coffin. It helped to make one of the most difficult days of my life just a little more bearable."

Jean Murphy

"The coffin looked superb, everyone local was looking at it and the family told me that the conversation at the reception was about the coffin."

Maureen, Barnes and Sons

"I wanted to thank you very much for assisting in the design of the ‘Bell’s Whisky’ coffin. It was superbly done and of excellent quality. The whole congregation laughed as we entered the Chapel, which is exactly the reaction the family hoped for."

Lorraine Scott, Funeral Director, F Stephenson & Son.

"To all the helpful staff at Colourful Coffins. Thank you for providing us with a Manchester City coffin for a young man who died in tragic circumstances recently. The family were delighted with the coffin and the personal effect it provided, and gave them a terrific lift to be able to pay tribute to the young man in the way that he would have wanted. The high quality, beautiful finish and attention to detail was exceptional and I felt very proud to be able to exceed their expectations, with the help of your craftsmanship."

Ann Blyth & Son Funeral Directors

"The family were absolutely thrilled with the wonderful job you did on the casket and asked me to pass on their best wishes. All of us at Paul Bysouth also thought that the end product was superb and would certainly encourage other bereaved families to think of you when deciding on a casket."

Carol Tipler, Paul Bysouth Funeral Services

"Many thanks for your hard work getting the coffin ready for today. The children of Nicky were thrilled and it looks lovely."

Jill, Lodge Brothers

"Thank you for the beautiful ashes casket you recently supplied for a family. It had a snooker design with which the family and ourselves were extremely pleased and impressed. The design was excellent and the finish of the highest quality. It has made the family very, very happy."

Paul Armstrong, Funeral Director, Thompsons Funeral Service.

"Thank you for all your help. I spoke to the family and they said how pleased they were with everything including the coffin. Even the minister commented on the lovely colour. It was just what they wanted."

John Knowles, Ernest Cocks & Sons