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Types of Coffin

All our picture coffins are available in a variety of styles, from traditional wood to eco-friendly rattan. Find out more below and please call us if you have any questions. 


Traditional Wood 

Our wooden picture coffins are always a popular choice. Approved for burial and cremation and at most natural burial grounds, these are sourced from FSC-accredited companies using wood from sustainable sources. The designs are printed onto an environmentally-friendly paper wrap, which is then applied by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

All wooden coffins come with the genuine Colourful Coffins® shoulder decorations.

Sunset (ref AB118)


Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer's Association

Status: Approved
Approval Code: 



Cardboard Coffin

Our 100% recycled cardboard coffins are the perfect solution for families looking for a greener funeral option. Available in a wide range of colour options, ranging from plain brown or white through to stunning multi-coloured patterns or pictures, all designs are printed and applied to the coffin on a biodegradable material wrap. Ultra-strong thanks to their honeycomb-style Beeboard® construction, these picture coffins combine high quality with unique and beautiful style. 

All cardboard coffins come with the genuine 
Colourful Coffins
® daisy stud on the foot end.

Autumn (ref AB106)
Destination Unknown (ref AB947)
Plain Brown

  Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer's Association

Status: Approved
Approval Code: 




Classic Coffin

Offering an alternative to the fully-wrapped wooden coffin, our Classic Coffins range combines an individual design with a smart varnished wooden trim around the top and bottom of the coffin. This is suitable for both burial and cremation and also for most natural burial grounds.
See examples of designs

Dottie (ref AB772)



Wooden Casket

Featuring straight sides, a casket is an alternative to the traditional coffin shape.


Decks (ref AB990)


Big and Beautiful

"As individual as you" is our motto, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to choose one of our stunning Colourful Coffins® designs in sizes to fit all; The Big and Beautiful range of wooden picture coffins or caskets provides the perfect backdrop for our range of designs.


Route 66 (ref AB1199)



Made from ethically sourced rattan, this coffin features a pretty rattan weave in an oval shape, with no see-through and no creaking. They are 100% biodegradeable and skillfully hand crafted to ensure they are practical and fit for purpose. Lined with organic cotton and featuring absolutely no metal or plastic, each one is carefully constructed using only sustainable natural materials so that we may be returned to the earth without causing harm.

Blonde (ref ECO)

American Style Caskets

American-style caskets provide an impressive alternative to a traditional wooden coffin or casket. There are two options – either the ‘true’ American casket, which is made out of metal, or an English version comprising of 100% solid tulip wood from sustainable sources. Both caskets are ideally suited to bespoke artwork designs and illustrations, and families can also choose the option of having a design on the inside of the casket lid. The complete choice of Colourful Coffins’ designs is available in this range.

The metal American caskets are suitable for burial only. They are supplied with solid brass handles (which can be painted to match any design), a luxury lining and pillow interior available in white, pink or blue.  

Cream (ref A3)

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