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Adult American Casket Interiors

All our bespoke interiors are hand made to order.
A variety of styles available or ask for something unique.

All interior designs are copyright© Colourful Coffins Ltd 2018. All rights reserved.

Here you can see three of our most popular interiors.

Regal Interior

Made in silky satin fabric and available in many colours, this luxury interior may be finished with details of Crystal Elements.

Regal Interior Detail

regal Interior

regal Interior Detail

Corpus Christi Interior

These interiors are made from a soft polyester fabric and can be printed in any colour of your choice.

This luxury interior comes complete with pillow, coverlet and mattress, all matching in the chosen design.

Corpus Christi Crystal Interior Detail

Corpus Christi Yellow Interior

Corpus Christi Pink Interior Detail

Bespoke Printed Interior

Made from a soft polyester fabric which can be printed in any colour, a design from our website or a bespoke design, such as photographs, family pets, holidays... the list is endless!

bespoke_printed Interior Detail

bespoke_printed Interior

bespoke_printed Interior Detail

To see details of the rest, please click on them.

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