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Bespoke Picture Coffins

On Colourful Coffins we have plenty of designs divided into different categories for families to choose from. In some cases, none of our designs are exactly what a family wants, so we can come with a completely bespoke design based on any requirements. For example, a favourite holiday destination.

Personalised coffin

Pakleni Islands in Hvar, Croatia turned into a design


One of the most popular choices are the photo collage designs, like the Terry Arter, in which a maximum of 25 photos are placed to cover the entire coffin. Others also show a less amount of photos over different backgrounds that can be selected from our different pre-existing designs or any bespoke request. For example, one of the four seasons as background for a selection of pictures that the family provides.

Photo collage over different backgrounds

Selection of photos over Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter design backgrounds


In any of these cases, we always provide a proof of the design to be approved by the family prior manufacture the coffin. Any changes can be done until we have the exact design you picture.

Choices are limitless, please call us for more information on 01865 779172.

Here you can find a gallery of some design that can be personalised by simply adding a selection of family pictures.

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