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American Caskets

American style caskets provide an impressive alternative to a traditional wooden coffin or casket. In Colourful Coffins® we offer two styles of caskets, the true American casket made from metal or wood with a domed lid, or the American styled casket with a flat lid made in wood only. Both styles are suited to bespoke designs and you can also choose the option of having a design on the inside lid as well as a luxury bespoke interior.

For more information on our environmentally friendly approach to American caskets, please visit our credentials page or call our friendly team on 01865 779172.

Devotion American Metal Caskets

Devotion caskets are made from metal and are suitable for burial only. These caskets can be wrapped in any colour or design. You can also choose to add crystal work (as much as you like) and also have the handles painted or wrapped to match the design. Of course you may also add a completely bespoke custom interior (see the American Interiors page).

Bright Red

Featured: Bright Red

Irish Flag

Featured: Irish Flag

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Alaska American Wood Caskets

Suitable for burial or cremation, these brand new wood caskets are the perfect combination of the curvy original American style in a compact format. Can be completely wrapped with any of our designs and bespoke designs are also available, along with sparkle embellishments and the options for bespoke interiors and a personalised inside lid.

Alaska Pink Rose

Featured: AB1405 Alaskan Pink Rose

Alaskan Vrigin Mary

Featured: AB1406 Alaskan Virgin Mary

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Purity American Wood Caskets

These beautiful solid wood white caskets can only be partially covered due to the contours of the casket, but looks amazing covered with a graduated colour and a shimmer finish. Bespoke designs are also available along with sparkle embellishments. The Purity range are suitable for burial or cremation, and also have the options for bespoke interiors and a personalised inside lid.

Purity Pink

Featured: Purity Pink

Purity Blue

Featured: Purity Blue

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Oxford Wooden American Style Caskets

The Oxford casket is made in solid wood and suitable for burial or cremation, and is available in a variety of sizes. It features a flat lid and can be fully wrapped in any design. It comes standard with eight metal handles in antique gold or silver. Crystals and photos can be added if desired.

A3 Cream open

Featured: Oxford Roses Cream

A3 Cream

Featured: Oxford Roses Cream

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Ashley Child American Metal Caskets

The Ashley American casket comes in metal only and so is only suitable for burial. The Ashley can be fully wrapped in any design, and handles painted to match. It comes in sizes of 3 foot 6 inches and 4 feet. Bespoke interiors are also available.


Featured: USA

Mother and Child

Featured: Mother and Child

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Purity Child American Wood Caskets

Made in solid wood, the Purity is suitable for either burial or cremation. It is available with a partial wrap only, but can be finished in any design. Bespoke interiors are available. The casket comes in sizes of 2 foot six inches and 5 foot 6 inches.

Superhero front

Featured: Superhero

Superhero back

Featured: Superhero

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