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Wooden Caskets

Featuring straight sides, a casket is an alternative to the traditional coffin shape.

All Wooden Caskets come with the genuine Colourful Coffins® daisy stud on the foot end.

AB990 Decks

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CB514 Police Box

Featured: Police Box (CB514)

Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer's Association
Status: Approved / Approval Code: 265-000011

Big and Beautiful

"As individual as you" is our motto, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to choose one of our stunning Colourful Coffins® designs in sizes to fit all; The Big and Beautiful range of wooden picture caskets provides the perfect backdrop for our range of designs.

All Big and Beautiful coffins come with the genuine Colourful Coffins® shoulder decorations.

Big and Beautiful Wooden Casket

Big and Beautiful Wooden Casket

Personalised sizes

Personalised sizes

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