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Family photos at the heart of Terry's funeral

It exceeded my expectations, it was absolutely fantastic.  Widow Alex Arter chose a montage of favourite family photographs on a Colourful Coffin to celebrate the life of her late husband Terry.

Terry was always laughing and playing jokes on people and that’s why I didn’t want his funeral to be morbid, I wanted it to be a celebration of his life, she said.  I didn’t want to be staring at a ‘boring’ old coffin and this meant I could look at nice pictures of him laughing and making other people laugh, which is how he would have wanted to be remembered.

Terry, a commercial carpet planner and fitter, died aged 60, just before the couple’s silver wedding anniversary and it was the funeral director who gave Alex details for Colourful Coffins.

It was a very difficult time, the funeral director gave me catalogue after catalogue but I kept saying ‘that’s not my husband’.  Then they gave me a leaflet on Colourful Coffins and I knew straight away that was what I wanted, she said.

With daughter Nicole, she chose a design which showed lots of photographs of Terry and the family in happier times; on their wedding day, pictures of Nicole as a child and of Terry with friends.

A lot of the photographs were old-style prints, but nothing was too much trouble and they were able to scan photos in once I’d picked the best of them, said Alex.  When I saw the finished coffin, I couldn’t believe it, I was so, so pleased.  Nothing was impossible or too much trouble for them and I described them as like angels sitting on my shoulders.  It was wonderful.