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Family photos at the heart of Terry's funeral

Widow Alex Arter chose a montage of favourite family photographs on a Colourful Coffin to celebrate the life of her late husband Terry.

Terry Arter collage coffin

Terry, a commercial carpet planner and fitter, died aged 60, just before the couple’s silver wedding anniversary and it was the funeral director who gave Alex details for Colourful Coffins.

"It was a very difficult time, the funeral director gave me catalogue after catalogue but I kept saying ‘that’s not my husband’.  Then they gave me a leaflet on Colourful Coffins and I knew straight away that was what I wanted", she said.

Terry Arter collage coffin Terry Arter collage coffin Terry Arter collage coffin

With daughter Nicole, she chose a design which showed lots of photographs of Terry and the family in happier times; on their wedding day, pictures of Nicole as a child and of Terry with friends.

"A lot of the photographs were old-style prints, but nothing was too much trouble and they were able to scan photos in once I’d picked the best of them", said Alex.  "When I saw the finished coffin, I couldn’t believe it, I was so, so pleased.  Nothing was impossible or too much trouble for them and I described them as like angels sitting on my shoulders.  It was wonderful".

"It exceeded my expectations, it was absolutely fantastic".

This photo collage picture coffin was the very first ever made. Because of that, and with his family express permision, we at Colourful Coffins wanted to keep it with his name as an example of a bespoke photo collage design and also as a way to honour him.

To this day, we still receive calls from families and funeral directors saying they want the Terry Arter.